Capture Management


Business Development

Integrity Lion Acquisitions, LLC provides Capture Management, and Business Development in Business to Consumer, Business to Business, & Business to Government. Our expertise is businesses looking to penetrate the Government Market from city, county, state, and federal.

Services Provided

  • Step 1: Duns and Bradstreet 

















  • Step 2: System of Award Management - ALERT: Due to increased volume and additional security requirements, a high number of entity    registrations are pending CAGE review. Processing time currently exceeds the normal window of ten business days. Some users may experience processing delays of up to four weeks. Respond promptly if you are contacted by a CAGE Technician for additional information. Contact the CAGE Help Desk with urgent questions about a registration pending CAGE review.













  • Enrollment into Government Acquisition Portals for solicitations












Integrity Lion Acquisitions, LLC provides multiple payment plans for the following services:

   Business Development                                          Market Analysis


   Government Solicitation Forecasting                      Interpretation of Government Solicitations

   Request for Information                                           Development of Quotes/Bids/Proposals

   Teaming Arrangements                                             Negotiation Strategies 


    Invoicing                                                                   Training 


Disputes, Protests, Claims, and Equitable Adjustments

Contract Management, Contract Administration, & Quality Assurance

  • Per-project rate: This is a flat rate fee based on how much time Integrity Lion Acquisitions, LLC expect to work on a particular project. Businesses— especially those who need to keep costs down — may be more open to this arrangement because they’ll know exactly how much your services will cost them. A clause will be included in the contract that explains the cap the project at a specific number of hours or revisions and that you will charge extra fees should the project exceed the agreed-on time frame.

  • Hourly Rate: The amount of money that is charged, paid, or earned for every hour worked: Your business pays a fixed or hourly rate for the advisers' time. $300 minimum deposit.


  • Monthly Retainer: Most preferred - commit to a specific number of hours during a set period of time and the client uses Integrity Lion Acquisitions, LLC on an as-needed basis. 

  • Percentage: This is where a contract is made between parties and any sale based on the agreed terms will result in a percentage of profit to be awarded for services. 

Download - Integrity Lion Acquisitions LLC Agreement & Addendum A 


Duns & Bradstreet.PNG
Set up your Duns # on Duns & Bradstreet
Duns # Set-Up
1 hr
Duns & Bradstreet.PNG
Duns & Bradstreet.PNG
Duns & Bradstreet.PNG
To register your company (This service can be done free at if you decide to do it yourself.)
SAM Registration
1 hr
As a business owner, We understand looking for leads on-line and it is time consuming. Save time by having the Government Solicitations go to your inbox. That is known as...
Automate Solicitations to your E-mail
1 hr